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let's set our hearts at self destruct [entries|friends|calendar]

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[10 May 2005|04:36pm]

I made a new journal, so I guess just add it._thaumaturgy


[05 Jun 2004|11:21pm]
I read the last five chapters of my math book like five hundred times. I'm still going to fail.
My allergies were like whoa tonight. I'm so sick. I had good plans too. I just stayed home and slept and pretended to study. Ashley stopped by. We talked for a little bit. I don't know why, but I get along with her really easily. Later on, Corinne and Andrea came over. I haven't seen them or talked to them except for an ocassional hey, here or there, in a while, so it was nice. Whatever though. I'm tired, sick and crabby.

[04 Jun 2004|11:53pm]
I hung out with Britney Marisa and Dayna.
We we're gonna meet up with some people at the movies, but EVERY single movie was sold out. We tried finding something else to do, but ended up going to Starbuck's and talking for a while. We despise old foreign people. "You're gorgeous. YOU'RE 45!" It started out kind of shitty, but then it ended up being an alright night.

Today was good.
This whole weekend is gonna be good too.
And then next weekend, SUMMER.
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standing on the edge of summer [04 Jun 2004|03:44pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Five days left!

Today was long. Very long.
We got yearbooks.
Mrs. Davis was being Jewish.
Me and Alyssa volunteered ourselves to the hall.
I'm going to fail math.

I really like talking to you. Seriously, when I'm talking to you, I have the hugest smile on my face.

Can't wait for Saturday!


[03 Jun 2004|02:56pm]
Yesterday, I studied and then took a nap. I slept from three until seven. Finals are going to be really easy, and I'm too tired to concentrate so sleeping is more important. Whatever. Then I went and worked out, because I need to get in shape for basetball. I hate running, and I already know how much I'm going to hate conditioning.

Today was good, because we did absolutly nothing. Well except for disecting the frog, but we had a whole hour to do nothing because we got done early. Ashley sqaured plus Alyssa Stevens plus Uncle Sam Fantastic Plastic frog pictures coming soon. It was effing hilarious, even though it was disgusting.

Today was also the last day of gym, EVER. Which is a good thing, but its sad because this year was so much fun with three of the funniest girls ever. We played Dead or Alive and duck-duck-goose. What a way to end the year. I love you Marisa Masi and Maryann :)

Three more days, plus exams. THANK GOD.

[02 Jun 2004|10:19pm]
I went to my aunts house for a BBQ. I almost crashed the car three times on the way there. I'm a horible driver. I slept the whole time, and talked to my Aunt Suzie. We're going shopping this weekend, I love her.

Monday, I went over to Stephanies. Then we went to the mall with Monica. Flirted with 11 year olds in Arby's and Monica got cute shoes. Then we went back to Stephanie's for a while. Then Stephanie had to work, so me and Monica went a hopped a few fences.

Tuesday.. I went to a show with Alyssa, and hung out with Monica there. It was a lot of fun.

SATURDAY/NIGHT. [30 May 2004|12:49pm]
I have this great friend. Her name is Zahra, and she brings me slurpees, and taco bell, and I love her with a freaking passion!

Last night was SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun. I don't think I could have fun chasing people around in halloween masks with anyone else. Stephanie and Paige came and picked me up around nine. Tyler and Ryan and some other kid with glasses came to Steph's, but they left us, so we had to make our own fun. We hunted little girls and tents, and tried to find the boy's bikes, but we failed. We went back to Steph's and then to Paige's for a while. It was the funniest time of my life. I love Ryan Rizzo for having such a wonderful cousin. And I love Kirk, just because. We talked on the phone for hours, and watched Most Extreme Challenge. Then we played Texas Holdem's with licorice, and then we danced. I think we watched A Walk to Remember too, but I don't remember. I got like one hour of sleep, and then this morning, we got up at nine, and I left to go workout.

Paige and Steph, I love you. I want to eat your fish filet. Here pussy pussy. So many funny things. I'd say we won the neighborhood war. FOR SURE.

Today, I have to go to a family BBQ. If someone wants to go with me, tell me.
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because they understand.... [29 May 2004|12:46am]
Thursday night...
I drove to the funeral home with my mom. Stayed there until seven, and then drove my dad's car to KFC, where he made me switch, because he swears I'm going to crash. I took my dinner, and went over to Kristin's for her jewelry party. Olivia and Andrea were there for a little bit, and then I got to see Woods.

Friday... (or the first part)
I woke up early and got ready for the funeral. The service was at eleven, and we went to Luciano's for a luncheon after. I got home around 3, and proceeded to get ready.

I was pretty excited for the show, and almost didn't get to go but then my grandma decided to be sweet and drove me. Nigga please. I got there around eightish, so I got to see From Here on Out, Boats, and the Weakend. Alyssa and Katie are awesome, I love them, and it was SOOOOO much fun. Afterwards we got Taco Bell. It was a good night.
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Today, besides eating penguins. [27 May 2004|03:38pm]
Today was okay. I didn't feel too great this morning, but I have too many absences to stay home. Every class was easy, minus football with Tylen, because we all know what a workout that is, and I'm pretty scared of getting killed by sock girl. French was easy, but I'm definatly switching to Spanish next year. The stupid bitch made me put my bag in my locker with ten minutes left of class, because she enforces the "no backpack rule". The rest of the day, I either slept, or listened to boys night out, or did nothing... besides talking to Alyssa. Tomarrow night will be awesome, I hope.

Now, I have to go get ready to go to the funeral home. My mom's uncle died, who I barely even knew, but, tonight is the viewing and tomarrow is the service. It would be fine, if I didn't have to dress up! I hate dresses/skirts/etc. Oh well.

a young sara woods once said... save the drama for your mama [26 May 2004|07:27pm]
This whole year went by etremely fast. The days seem like forever, but when you realize that it's almost summer you think, where did the year go? Not that summer is a bad thing. It's just weird when you look at the seniors, and sooner than you think its going to be us leaving, and not that thats a bad thing either, BUT the point is... you need to cherish the times you have, and stop worrying, and fighting, and wasting your time on things that won't matter after we leave this place. In all, this year was amazing. Its had its ups and downs, but everything levels out in the end. Its easy to laugh now at all of the stupid things that have happened; fights you've gotten into, friends you've lost. I can't say I'm a perfect friend, and that I've never done anything wrong, but I don't regret anything thats happened. Regrets are worthless anyways. You have to accept things and people for what they are and move on, because dwelling in the past isn't going to get you anywhere. Everything happens for a reason, even the bad things. They make you a better and stronger person anyways, just like fighting with your best friends can only make you stronger. People will change. You won't say friends with people forever. But no matter what happens, you'll always have a piece of them with you. In a few years everyone will go in different directions. We'll get a new begining, to start new lives with new friends. But while we're together here, lets make the best of it. Live every moment to the fullest and like its your last, because sooner or later you'll look back and miss these times, and you never get them back.
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ughhhh [25 May 2004|08:06pm]
We had school today, because mother nature refused to bring us some more rain, despite my African American neighbors raindances.

School was stupid. School went by horibly slow, and I can't say that I'm not counting down the days until we graduate from Dakota hell School. 1095 days counting weekends and breaks. It seems like forever away, but considering how fast this year went by. High school is just filled with pointless drama, and pointless people that you won't even talk to as soon as school ends. (refering to Stephanie's journal) And its true.

Today after school Ashley and Stephanie came over for a little bit. We hung around and talked, and ate some pizza. It was really a fun time.


[24 May 2004|10:50pm]
I feel 100 times better right now.
But thats from feeling 10000000 times worse.
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Flood Day [24 May 2004|02:16pm]
School got cancelled today, because all of the roads surrounding Dakota are completly flooded. Second week in a row that we got a day off school. I got an extra six hours of sleep, and a chance to do some of the homework I would otherwise gotten zeros on. I love "flood" days for other reasons than you might think.

I'm going back to sleep or something, because people definatly call me to hang out.
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What I did on Sunday, besides praising the lord. [23 May 2004|09:18pm]
I came home from Steph's around 11. My parents had to go to the hospital for my uncle, so I layed around, blared some Hilary Duff, and did some of my Women of the World project. Brittany was supposed to come over, but we're just going to do something one day after school. I ended up going with Zahra to get her nails done. I didn't know she had to drive her brother and his friends somewhere, so they got a good laugh at my non-showered self. She dropped me off at Ashley Madaj's house after. I worked on the Women of the World project, and hung out with her Slifco and Dave. I drove home in the thunderstorm. I came home and did some homework, and watched some more thunderstoms with my father.
Sunday's are usually pretty stupid, but today wasn't even bad.
I loved this weekend. ALOT.
Friday was an awesome time, and I got to talk to some girls I never really hang out with too much, and they are so awesome. (Ashley poo)
Saturday.... I have no words for Saturday, because if you weren't there, you wouldn't understand.
And today wasn't as boring as usual.

Peace out.

last night killed me. [23 May 2004|12:47pm]
If you don't care about my pointless life, then don't read this, because it will make no sense.

I thought I was going to be bored out of my mind last night, until I talked to Stephanie Clearman and made plans for the evening. She picked me up around five, and then we went over to her house. Paige came over too. First, we played around with some pictures. We added ourself to the F-Unit, and taped it to Tyler's door. They thought it was funny, but then they chased us in Paige's car with eggs, and actually it was Paige's Dad's car, so it was different. They missed, twice, and then we went back to Paige's. We decided that there are people starving in Africa, so wasting eggs, wasn't an option, so we made an ommlet. They followed us again, and let Kevin out of the car, and we threw our omlet at him, and he actually ate it. Then Ryan Slane egged the car, and all hell broke loose. We cleaned it, and Paige went home. Steph's mom took us to Dairy Queen, and then we came home. We called Monica, and made her come to a DWU meeting about the SPOON. She came and we went to Dairy Queen again. Then she went back to Tyler's. We wanted to have another meeting, but that bitch refused to come, so we toilet papered her car. They chased us with toilet paper then. We met in the middle of the street like a movie. It was hilarious. We walked around for a while, and eventually ended up going to Tyler's and talking to Monica outside. They chases us with buckets of water (yeah steph, the white t-shirt came in handy) and it was nuts. I wouldn't recommend running through dark garages either. I busted my wrist and my knee, but if it takes me breaking bones for you guys to be nice, I'm all for it. We just sat at Tyler's for a little bit, and then went back to Steph's for the night. We talked, and ate hot pockets, and old scalloped potatoes and watched tv. Karen commercials rule, and so does spending time with Stephanie, because she freaking hilarious. I love you, and I love the rest of you. :)

I wanted to watch the Pistons and hockey, but Stephanie was all agaisnt. The Pistons lost anyways, and that sucks.

This weekend was a good one.
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Fridizzle and the nightizzle [22 May 2004|12:44pm]
Once again, Happy Birthday to Megan Barney! Who I love with my entire heart and soul five and a half times.

Friday night, everyone went to the Barney household for a celebration of Megan's fifteen years of life. Some highlights of the party included, the marshmellows and discussions about cicada bugs, my faggot friends throwing cake, and hanging out in the Britney Park park and watching Slifco run for his life.
After everyone left, Chelsea(Poo), Jessica(Poo), Ashley, Barb, and me spent the night, and we were joined by SaraWoods. It was such a fun, and hilarious night.

"Hey Megan turn that light off, I'm getting a suntan. OH there, now its the moon instead of the sun."

lmfao. I love all you girls! Thanks for the awesome night.

And this morning, we woke up and ate, and then me and Barb, went to Ashley's for a little, and watched some Zoolander.
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d r i f t i n g [20 May 2004|05:39pm]
I fucking hate school, and summer needs to come real soon. Today went by way too slow. I had to stay after to do three-player workouts. After I went to the softball game, and the girls mercied the other team. Ashley got a home run, and Megan got home twice on errors. It was awesome. GOOD JOB! I came home, and talked on the phone with Barb for a little, I love you Barb! Pistons are on tonight, BIG GAME, and I am excited. Tomarrow is the big 1-5 for Mrs. Megan Barney.

[19 May 2004|08:06pm]
Today was okay. Everything went by fast and easy, kind of like Dayna Laube. The last three hours of the day I just listened to the Postal Serive with Alyssa, and sixth hour, we sat in the hall and talked with Barbie G. And when I came home, I took a long ass nap, which I woke up from to my family bitching and yelling.
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[19 May 2004|03:26pm]
I hate people. I hate the way you just say whatever comes to mind, and not worry about how its going to make other people feel. I hate how you can make other people feel like shit, and either be too stupid to notice, or too mean to care. And most of all, I hate knowing that you always have, and always will be this way.
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You need a golden calculator to divide [16 May 2004|09:39pm]
Okay, today I went to Andrea Rae Masi's house, and was joined by Sara. To put it simply, they are two of the gayest people I have ever come to know in my entire life. We played horse and four square, and just were random. I love you both.

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